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Capacitor Discharge Spot Welder


In this method, a capacitor is used to store energy for quick release. Capacitor Discharge Spot Welder provides a large amount of weld energy with power adjustment. This process has many advantages over other welding types and ideal product for many spot welding application. As compared to other spot welder sparkweld’s Capacitor Discharge Spot Welder produces strong, clean and repeatable weld and also provide ample power for a large spectrum of the application at an affordable price. Weld formation takes place in milli seconds, in first few seconds it heats the weld area to eliminate surface contaminants and seat welding electrodes and then makes a higher energy weld which is secure and strong. Capacitor Discharge Spot Welder delivers repeatable welds during voltage fluctuation as weld energy is stored before use.
  1. Weld process completed in milli seconds only.
  2. Up to 90 welds per minute.
  3. Easy to use and understand.
  4. The process removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants.
  1. Battery pack welding.
  2. Crosswire welding.
  3. Thermocouple welding.
  4. Honeycomb tacking: Honeycombs are used in compressor and turbine sealing. In this process, honeycomb is first welded and then joined by means of brazing.
  5. Many more resistive applications.
  1. Input supply:220v,AC,10Amp.
  2. Output:2500WS.
  3. KVA:5 KVA.
  4. Throat Depth:180MM
  5. Throat Gap:200MM.
  6. Electrode Stroke:100MM.
  7. Dimensions in mm(WxHxL):810x490x1670.
  8. Weight:180KG.

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