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Short Cycle / Drawn – Arc Stud Welder


Short Cycle or Drawn Arc Stud Welding is the simple stud weld process to join together a base metal steel to a fastener. In this process, a controlled electric arc melts the end of the fastener to the base metal. Fasteners mostly used are stud welds, including tapped, unthreaded, and threaded. Stud welds and base metal are made of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium
The Drawn Arc Stud Welding process is applicable to weld studs which are 3/8″ smaller and surfaces which are thinner in diameter. As weld current is higher and weld time is shorter so it is called as Short Cycle

Advantages :
This is an excellent welding process under a broad range of condition. This Drawn Arc Stud Welding process provides full cross-sectional weld to form a strong bond.
  1. In Drawn Arc Stud Welding process weld is strong and one-sided which is vibration-proof, resistant to breaking and loosening.
  2. Drawn Arc Stud Welding process gives aesthetic appeal to the product as reversed side is not marred.
  3. As one-sided fastening process gives ample design versatility.
  4. This is faster, easier manufacturing process as each weld is done in less than a second.
  5. Elimination of different operations such as riveting, drilling, no bolts, nuts, and washers etc.
  6. As this method include fewer manufacturing steps therefore saves labour cost.
  7. Fabrication savings so very economical.
  8. This process also saves time and money on repairs and reduces operational risk.
The process of Drawn Arc Stud Welding:
The stud equipped with a ceramic ferrule is inserted into the chuck. Then stud is placed onto the work-piece. Welding head lifts the stud and low current secondary arc is ignited between work-piece and stud tip. After that main arc is ignited. Due to which both, work-piece and stud tip get melted. Then stud is removed from the work-piece as two melted zones join. The main supply is then switched off as the weld pool solidifies and cool down. For Drawn Arc Stud Welding short welding time 100msec is required. This process is suitable for stud diameters up to 12mm to thin plates. The higher tensile strength of the weld zone can be obtained. A shielding gas should be used to avoid pore formation, for higher diameter studs.
Technical specification:
  1. Model: SWD 400 and SWD 800.
  2. Process: Short Cycle/ Drawn Arc.
  3. Mains Power Input: 400 V,50Hz, 3-Phase.
  4. KVA: 15 KVA and 25 KVA.
  5. Stud Range: M-3to M-6 and M-3 to M-10.
  6. Weld Time: 5 to 100 msec. and 5 to 300 msec.
  7. Housing Dimensions(LxBxH) : 350x240x300 and 490x350x400.
  8. Weight: 30Kg. and 50Kg.
  9. Mains Plug: 32 Amps and 32 Amps.
  10. Maximum Current:400 Amps and 800 Amps.

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